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About REHV Clothing

REHV Car and Bike

REHV Clothing was envisioned in 2002 and originally spelt Rev. Although Rev was just born it needed more to the name. So just like we fix up and modify our rides, we moded the name; REHV was born.

REHV Clothing is automotive design fashion street wear. We are a collection of drivers and riders who share a common interest. We love our rides!

How it all came to be.

Mark Cestr, founder grew up skateboarding and working in the skate and fashion industry since it's beginning. He helped create and sell brands to the industry successfully. He always had a passion for cars whether it be racing or working on them and always knew this was what he wanted to do. For years he saw a void, there was no clothing available that truly supported and showed his love and interest for the automobile.

So he had an idea to make a clothing line and target a market that until now has been untouched. He wanted to make a clothing line that would appeal to all walks of life, young and old. A clothing line that little kids playing with Hotwheels all the way to grandpa in his Cadillac would appreciate and wear. He had so many ideas in his head but where to go and who to help, who can he enlist that would share his same vision and be able to handle the job? Someone that was business minded like him and also technically skilled.

Josh Hollingsworth is gifted with computers. Nick named ".com" in the early 90's because of his skills Josh had always been the go to guy when it came to computers. His early days where spent as a young child in the 80s showing his teachers how to use the Apple computer and tutoring other kids. This later developed into coding "hack" applications in the early 90s for AOL. During the internet era he realized that being a full fledged coder was not for him so he began making websites and graphics which later turned into a full time job as a webmaster.

After the dot com bust he began freelancing but realized that working with customers and making custom websites was extremely time consuming and more times then not frustrating. It was not worth it. He enjoyed industry but would rather apply his skills to his own vested interest. He had always loved imports and owned a Honda CRX with a motor swap. Some years later Mark approached Josh with his idea and so he felt this would be a great opportunity to do what he liked and even more the time for redemption.

Bangin' Gears & Swirvn' Lanes